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Wolfe animation, from start to end. I had so much fun with this!! Like oh man I never have fun doing hair but his is so weird and curly. Anyway yeah, he’s in a blanket cause he was a bystander during a murder.(COUGHnotabystanderCOUGH)
yeah, he’s not a normal person
No need to be so creepy, Wolfe.
But I guess multidimensional demons are not the nicest…
linearting is so much funnnnn
either you’re in the mood to do it or you aren’t *shrug*
sketches galore. Finished this guy yesterday but I’ll be slowly showing off him for the next few days, stay tuned for more Wolfe~
He’s usually pretty smiley, just you wait.
Somebodys been fighting too much.
I want to practice perspective I told myself
I had a very story inspiring dream last night…so I’m designing the little boy from it. Its hard not to make his outfit like Link’s.
Everybody’s sad these days
I dunno why Wolfe’s shirtless.
But he’s ready to fight and planning on winning.